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2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Iceberg White)

2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Iceberg White)

Jobs are always funner when you get to tinker with things or have to remove parts. In today is Garfull’s 2009 FJ Cruiser in single stage Iceberg White. This is and is clearly an offroad vehicle, and the owner wanted to keep it looking semi rugged; not to take away from the rugged look. So, we had to make sure not to make any trims look like they’re dressed. The car is going to get beat up, we know it, so getting the paint perfect wasn’t the goal with this one; protection and ease of future maintenance washes was.

  • Optimum No Rinse Wash + Grit Guard & Microfiber Madness Incredimitt

  • The Last Detail Last Cut / Flex 7-12-80 3” / Meguiars MF Cutting Pad

  • Optimum Hyper Polish / Rupes LHR21ES 6.5″  Mark II / Oberk Yellow

  • Optimum Hyper Polish / Flex 7-12-80 3” / Oberk Yellow

  • Optimum Paint Prep

  • Optimum Opticoat Pro / Microfiber Applicator

  • Optimum Opticoat Pro+ / Microfiber Applicator

  • CS-II Dewax

  • CS-II Water Spot Remover

  • CS-II ClearVue / Microfiber Applicator

  • Shine Supply Smooth Move

  • BlackWOW PreWOW

  • BlackWOW Pro

  • Optimum Power Clean

  • Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax (Jambs)

2019 Tesla Model 3 (Blue Metallic)

2019 Tesla Model 3 (Blue Metallic)

2019 Tesla Model S (Grey Metallic)

2019 Tesla Model S (Grey Metallic)