Hello, my name is Johnny Wong.

I am an Oakland native who grew up aspiring to build cool things. Traditional family culture lead me through the college path of Civil Engineering; briefly visiting structural design; and finally ending up in project management where I currently spend the greater part of my week working on monumental buildings (Salesforce Tower, Transbay Transit Center, to name a few..). 

Distinctiv_Detailing was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of a car club name "Distinctiv_Tuning", which I was apart of in my college days. Eventually, word of mouth spread, and what once was named just for fun turned into something that funded my college education. Distinctiv_Detailing has always been and always will be a hobby. This allows us (me) to provide the same level of quality, and effort in every car since inception. If and when Distinctiv_Detailing becomes more than an one man operation, we will certainly hold ourselves to the same level of standard.

Aside from cars --- jiu jitsu, food, travel, and giving back the local communities are what excites me. Oh (insert shameless plug here), which for 2018 year, we are partnering with my brother, William Wong, who is also a prodigy of Oakland schools, to help pay for Skyline High School students' college application fees. If you want to help contribute to this cause; the link is below.


Thanks for stopping by!

Johnny Wong @ Detailership (dBa Distinctiv_Detailing)