Hello, my name is Johnny Wong.

I am an Oakland native who grew up aspiring to build cool things. Traditional family culture lead me through the college path of Civil Engineering; briefly visiting structural design; and finally ending up in project management where I spent the greater part of my post-college career in.

Distinctiv_Detailing was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of a car club name "Distinctiv_Tuning", which I was apart of in my college days. Eventually, word of mouth spread, and what once was named just for fun turned into something that funded my college education. In 2018, I incorporated the business, and administratively was much easier to incorporate a new name, Detailership, the former name to it as a DBA. I’ve grown to actually like the new name as it seems to represent the work of which I do; to make older cars feel new again, protecting those cars, and also protecting new cars. So, over the next couple years we are transitioning off of the old name.

Detailing started off as a hobby, which allowed me to put myself through college without any debts. It also probably saved me from spending more monies tinkering with my own car; because as a car guy, I’ve always the itch to do something to my car. This gets rid of that itch for me.

In 2019, six years after working in the corporate world, working on some cool projects during the week, and many cars in the weekends; the work flow never seemed to slow down. The wife and I got married in 2018, and upon return from our honeymoon we had talks about having kids. I always pondered the idea of taking this side-hobby into a full time hobby. So, December 2018 we’ve taken this on full time. Currently (April 2019), we’re still looking for some more permanent shop space; likely to be either in Dublin, Hayward, or San Leandro. UPDATE MAY 27, 2019 - We’ve finally found a place!! We will be at 6743 Dublin Blvd. Suite 14 … in a few more weeks. There are a lot to clean up and set up before we can even get it bare-bones operational. It won’t be pretty to start, as I just want/need to get it operational, but we’ll work on the space slowly as we get settled in. Busy season is around the corner too!

Aside from cars --- jiu jitsu, food, travel, and giving back the local communities are what excites me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Johnny Wong @ Detailership (formerly Distinctiv_Detailing)