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If you’re anything like me…

You love the idea of learning something new, challenging yourself, and coming up with ways to solve a problem. In all honesty, I am the type that — if it is something that I can do myself without any special or large equipment, I will learn to or do it myself. That is how I got into detailing, but the purchasing of equipment, tools, etc. just kind of never stopped — and the word kind of just kept spreading.

In this section, I hope to share some of the DIY projects that both enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals can utilize in their household or shop. You can adapt the system to however you wish, and the point of creating this DIY section is to also use it as a medium to document my own projects, so that should they ever need to be serviced, parts replaced, etc. I can come back to this channel to find the part(s) used.

If you find it useful, please drop a comment, follow us on Social Media, and please use the product links provided. I’ll get a very small marginal kickback for the affiliate links :). Thanks!