Detailership vs. Distinctiv_Detailing?

We are the same! Distinctiv_Detailing was the name that kick started this whole hobby back in 2010. After years of trust in the community, we decided in 2018 to incorporate the business, while also given it a new name, “Detailership”, which we feel is easier to remember, easier to spell, and which we also feel identifies us as a company. We spend a lot of time on “new” cars, making them look newer than new, or bringing older vehicles back to it’s near-new condition.

What is a decontamination?

It’s a big word to describe the mechanics of removing of surface “contaminants” (I.e. crap that doesn’t usually come off in regular washes). We use a combination of clay bars, clay mitts/pads, and chemical iron-removers depending on severity. Generally speaking, the rougher the paint “feels” the more intrusive techniques we’ll need to perform. Typically, cars that get services here at the Detailership gets followed up with a polish anyways, so any marring induced by the decontamination is easily removed when we polish the car.

What can Polishing do?


Wax vs. Sealant vs. Coating?


Which coating is for me?


Do you offer PPF or Window Tinting?

Polishing is the mechanical act of abrasively “leveling” the clear coat. Yes, this thins out the clear coat at a microscopic level, but where scratches and swirls in the clear coat exists is also at this surface level.

Generally speaking, if you can feel the scratch, it’s probably too deep to be polished off.


“Waxes are dead” seems to be a saying in the industry for since 2017. That is not to say that there isn’t a time and place for them, but if you are looking to really lock in the results, a coating — professional coating — is really the way to go.

Waxes, usually Carnuba based are natural, extremely glossy looking, but does not stand the test of time, temperature, or chemical resistance. Sealants, usually synthetic polymers of nature, are a little better, but still does not stand the test of time or chemical resistance. Last step protection (LSP) really evolved a LOT in the last decade. Like how CRT TV’s that required a dedicated TV stand are now QLED TV’s that are as thin as a picture frame ; or how the Razr flip phones became iPhones — Carnuba Waxes and Sealants became Ceramic Coatings.

At Detailership, we only install Professional coatings (I.e. those that have much higher % solids than consumer grade (over the counter) ceramic coatings, or the new “spray ceramics”), which are available for purchase through the manufacturer after rigorous training. We have been an Certified Installer of Opticoat Pro and Opticoat Pro+ since 2013, and Certified Detailer of CS2 (CS-II) Leather, Ceramic, and Titanium coatings since 2019.

We think that if you’ve already made it this far to consider or plan for a ceramic coating on your vehicle, that you are already ahead of the pack. And honestly, we don’t think that you can go wrong with either coating manufacturer options ; really - we brought on a second option as a business decision to not put all of our eggs into one basket. So, here is our unbiased opinion:

(P.S. Click the links for more manufacturer information)

If you intend to keep your car for 5 years or less, go with CS2 Ceramic.

If you intend to keep your car for 5 years or more, go with CS2 Titanium or Opticoat Pro+.

If you want the coating that will last you the longest and is the hardest, go with CS2 Titanium.

If you’re a perfectionist, and want the coating that offers the most benefits, even if it doesn’t last as long (Well, the coating lasts up to 5 years, and the self healing effects up to 3 years, which is still plenty long!), go with CS2 TitaniumSH.

Want the best of both worlds? Go with CS2 Titanium Plus (Titanium hard base + TitaniumSH soft)

Still have trouble deciding? Shoot us a quick email at

If having the coating installation registered to your Carfax history, or having a formal warranty (Link: Opticoat Warranty Terms) is of importance to you, go with Opticoat Pro+. Our thoughts? Carfax history report may be attractive to those who intend to sell their car within 7 years. Otherwise, in our opinion CS2 looks a bit better, and goes on thicker. And besides, if you exhibit any issues with our workmanship, we would surely stand by our work and do what we need to do to make it right for you anyways.



In short, yes and no. While we focus on what we’re good at, we’ve also collaborated with a number of bay area installers for the sake of convenience for you. They will come to me, so that you do not need to go to multiple shops. Additional schedule/time coordination will be necessary to align our schedules, so plan to leave your car for at least a couple days if you want it tinted and clear bra’d (PPF). Currently, we offer Xpel Ultimate paint protection film, and Rayno S5, S7, and S9 Ceramic (50%, 70%, 92%+ heat rejection) window tint.