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Water Display Demo

It all started with that CarPro water display demo, priced at over $150, and which was always out of stock. So, I had some time off and decided hey, why not build it myself? And so I sourced the goods, most of which came from overseas, which meant I wouldn’t be able to finish this for at least a month. And so I did, slowly. What’s great about building your own is knowing where you sourced your material, how it connects, and how to repair or replace any components that may go bad.

Tools and materials used for this project:

Double Sided Acrylic Heavy Duty Mounting Tape - 6mm x 108 Feet Removable Tough Bonding Strength Tape Residue-Free

uxcell Stainless Steel Aquarium Fish Tank 6 Way Air Flow Branch Outlet Control Valve

ECEEN USB Pump Mini Submersible Water Pumping for Aquarium Fish Fountain Garden House Water Hydroponic Powered Via USB DC 3.5-9V 1-3W (Black)

Penn Plax Airline Tubing for Aquariums –Clear and Flexible Resists Kinking, 25 Feet Standard

Black PCB TV Backlight Kit,Computer Case LED Light,eTopxizu 3.28Ft Multi-Colour 30leds Flexible 5050 RGB USB LED Strip Light with 5v USB Cable and Mini Controller for TV/PC/Laptop Background Lighting

1/4” Plywood (Local Hardware Store)

1/4” Acrylic (Local Plastic Store)

Acrylic Tray (Local Container Store)

USB Power Bank (You really don’t have one laying around?) or USB Wall plug

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I also made it a priority that since this was my first (well, really it was the second) prototype, I made sure that any connections made are mechanically fastened, so that they can be removed, adjusted, and replaced.

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Since everything is very light in nature, double sided acrylic tape and zip ties did the trick. All powered components are 5V/USB capable for portability.

Will probably get a custom vinyl made on that front piece at some point. For now, it’s literally just a cut up piece of business card.


Approximate Cost of project: $50

Time: 2-3 Hours

Difficulty: Medium

Here’s the first prototype just for fun, using just a simple light box, which we used at Silicon Valley Bimmer’s one year anniversary event of which we sponsored. (P.S. The banner was made completely incorrectly; with the wrong fonts and colors, so please disregard)

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